With our 20 years of experience, our GPS Platform promotes advanced security, ensures precise location & total visibility of your assets.24/7 real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, & notification system allowing for quick response to any emergencies. Constantly updated to meet our Customers’ requirements. It is used around the world in 130 countries, with constant revision of availability and stability.


Prompt reaction to the loss of vehicle activity. See active units automatically selected for reports for more effective fleet management.

Get visibility of your fleet. Enjoy simple timeline navigation. Play several tracks at once. Adjust playback speed whenever you want.

Visualize key performance indicators of your Fleet. Customize them. Monitor average & maximum speed, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, trips,  customizable charts and analyze your Fleet Data.

Easy chat between the office & field, making mobile employees closer to the office. Control vehicles by sending commands, share addresses, exchange images, photos, routes,  coordinate logistics & get history messages anytime.

Improve fleet safety with a quality assessment, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs, & enhance cargo safety.

Choose violation criteria: abrupt acceleration, hard braking, sharp turns, speeding, reckless driving or custom violation.

Be the first to know about equipment failures. Monitor counters & sensor values from your fleet with charts, reports & control units by sending commands – try it and verify that Sensolator makes sense.

Keep control over the whole order & logistics management process, including order placement, planning, distribution, route optimization & coordination. Get precise address information & routing, reports for efficient analytics & communicate with clients by e-mail notifications.

Plan, control, and manage your Fleet Maintenance costs, and status. Cut operating costs, avoid critical breakdowns, and minimize time spent at service stations.

Create & edit fields & crops, calculate their area, fuel consumption. Create trailers, drivers, units, and their settings. Get reports by field, unit, operation, trailer, or driver performance.

Plan routes & control in real-time their performance, scheduling & proper distribution of vehicles between rounds. Get fleet activity reports & make adjustments as required.

View messages and object's tracks with secure backup files . See them on the map and review messages data pointing on a track.

Allows top accounts to upload custom icons for units, unit groups and geofences.

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