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ELD+DVIR COMPLIANCE Our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) & Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) modules evolve with regulations and are APPROVED & REGISTERED in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) web page: We offer an easy to use, plug & play free GPS Tracking Mobile APP + ELD + DVIR to get crucial information…
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THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE INTEGRATION Want other software integrated to the gps tracking? You can do it with the improved, Software Development Kit (SDK) to address any issue of third-party software integration; Use free apps or develop proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) - Software Development Kit (SDK), based applications JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby and PHP support.
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ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY Looking for Flexibility? •Added functionality every 3 months to evolve and meet customer requirements; •Flexible access rights system with access rights templates added; •Custom fields for resources; •Extended import/export opportunities; •Focus on track option for printed reports; •New Locator tool: sharing links to real-time vehicle movement; •Convenient and informative pop-up tooltips; •Fuel Theft…
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VIDEO APP & REPORTS With cameras facing the road or the driver to detect unsafe driving, fatigue, cell phone while driving. Eco Driving module for driver behavior analysis; Temperature and weight control report system; Embedded reports grouping and sorting options; Reports with grouping by shifts; Option to build up “Login” table as part of expanded…
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