SUMMITEC LLC is based in California, providing Global Positioning System Tracking - GPS & Electronic Logging Device - ELD Services & eSeals, all over the United States, as well, as Canada.

Since 1996, our priority has been to provide excellent Customer Service. We work non-stop with our Local & Global Teams to outpace the technology changes, constantly delivering new functionality, new modules, new solutions, to fullfil our Customers’ requirements.

- GPS Tracking:7X24 real-time vehicles & assets Location.
- ELD or Hours of Service: as per DOT - FMCSA Regulation, drivers have to log their hours of services electronically. The solution includes ELD APP & web site to download the Reports, as well as the IFTA Reports, and the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report - DVIR.
-Electronic Seals - eSeals, to control & manage the status of the Tank Truck Valves throughtout its operation, upload, trips, unload, to avoid any liquid spills or theft

Some of the GPS Platform functionality includes:
- 41 Report Tables to combine different types of variables;
- Locator to share with stakeholders
- Cameras to detect distraction, smoking, phone calling, fatigue, yawning, lane departure, distance too close, etc,
-Fuel Consumption by math (or with physical sensor, additional cost);
-Driver Performance: Fatigue Sensor, Harsh Acceleration/Deceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh Turns, Speeding.
-Trips / Parking / Stops
-Geofences & notifications to control in-out geofences
-Driver bind/unbind, Driver Events & History
-Trailer bind/unbind
-All types of sensors for reporting purposes, either digital (or physical additional cost)
-All types of customizable Events
-All types of Notifications/Alarms as set in Platform
-All types of Jobs eg: send a periodic report via email, etc.

SUMMITEC LLC provides solutions that go far beyond the GPS arena for any industry to SAVE COSTS & OPTIMIZE PROCESSES. These are some examples:
- Milk Manufacturing: temperature control system implemented, visualization of all factory processes, and ready to use satelite monitoring system to control hot & ice water installations
- Fresh Produce Delivery: product quality increased with temperature control, delivery time optimization, better vehicle maintenance planning.
- Reduced Traffic Accidents for Environmental Transportation: significant savings, improved reputation & fleet management.
- Agriculture Efficiency: significant savings, improved crops control & tractors driver performance, time management, and more.
- Dubai Airport uses our Routes Module called Nimbus: up to 15,000 passengers, pilots & engineers safely move around airport terminals.
- Concrete Mixer -Ready-Mix Control: track production and delivery processes in real time, and with KPIs



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