GPS Platform

Our GPS innovative platform offers a powerful set of technologies, making the product stand out. Secure your business with relevant data and optimize every process involved. Plan, monitor, coordinate, comply and control to guide your business from challenge to success with our GPS tracking solutions.


ELD+DVIR Compliance

Our Electronic Logging Device (ELD) & Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) modules evolve with regulations and are APPROVED & REGISTERED in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) web page:

We offer an easy to use, plug & play free GPS Tracking Mobile APP + ELD + DVIR to get crucial information from your operation, assets & drivers.

For reference, this is the ELD Final Regulation issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

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Integrate with any business software

Require other software integrated to the GPS tracking?

You can integrate any 3rd Party system, or business systems like safety, security, shipping, logistics, agriculture, or hardware, with Software Development Kit (SDK), or proprietary Application Programming Interface (API)

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Streamline your fleet management processes

Looking for Flexibility?

•Get all in one: constantly upgraded software to meet your requirements in this evolving digital world.
•Flexible access rights for security purposes.
•Locator tool: share link to get real-time vehicle location.
•Convenient and informative pop-up tooltips.
•Customize reports, objects, notifications, jobs, icons, views.
•Temperature and weight control report system;
•Report template “binding” to specific units;
•New types of sensors including emergency button, weight sensor, mileage sensor with overflow and Private Mode sensor.
•LBS detector to determine unit location by mobile operator base stations where GPS is unavailable.

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A Smart extra eye on the road with video

•Driver facing to detect unsafe driving, fatigue, cell phone use while driving, facial recognition.

•In Cab Alert with Built-In Speaker

•Forward Facing main unit with Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G, G-Sensor, Built-in Speaker

•Side or rear cameras